Lost Packages

Lost packages can be frustrating and nerve crecking if its something of great value to you, we understand. To help you we have some information and steps you can follow below.

First use the tracking number given to you by us the retailer or by the courier company and use it to track the history of your package’s travel & estimated delivery time. Depending on which courier was used, you can use the links below to direct you to the tracking page where you will enter the tracking number. 

Tracking by Courier Service Providers




If it has been delivered, most couriers will also provide online information as to where which address it was delivered to, such as: Front Door, Rear Door, Side Door, Porch, Patio, Carport, Garage, Office, Locker, or Left with neighbor. 

Make sure no one in your household child or adult hasn't already taken the package. 

After you have checked the online status and checked around your home or office and still have not found it, then at this time we suggest you call the courier company and report that you have not received the package. They will then launch an investigation to find your package and if found they will deliver it to your correct address.

Please note: it may take several days or weeks before any of the courier companies are able to locate and re-deliver your lost package, and If this doesn't resolve the problem you can file a claim with them.